The American Paleo Association has created a label that serves as a certification of Paleo for food products. This ensures that those living a Paleo lifestyle can meet their dietary needs by choosing products with the Caveman Certified label.

The Caveman Certified label is a symbol of the healthy lifestyle that Paleo embodies. It is backed by the American Paleo Association, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle. The Caveman Certified label is a trademarked logo that indicates that a food and or its ingredients are 100% Paleo for a Paleo lifestyle. This logo is similar to labels that indicate whether a product is kosher or vegan, and it can be plainly seen on Caveman Certified foods of the highest quality.

By making the Caveman Certified logo easily visible to consumers who are interesting in purchasing quality Paleo food, they can rest assured that they are consuming food that is certified as Paleo by a third party board of doctors, nutritionists and dieticians. Consumers can trust the Caveman Certified label so that they can make the best choices for their Paleo lifestyle.


    The Caveman Certified logo is trusted and reputable, and is an effective way to let consumers know that products are Paleo-approved.


    Product certification lets consumers know that the food they choose adheres to the strict standards of living a total and complete Paleo lifestyle.


    Once your ingredients are Caveman Certified, we can spread the word about its Paleo certification through our many influential social medial channels and press releases.

Caveman Certified Benefits

Millions of people have discovered the benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle, and more are noticing the benefits every day. There are countless websites dedicated to the Paleo diet as well as books with Paleo recipes. But there is no guarantee that that certain products and information are truly Paleo. This is where certification comes in handy. Having a Caveman Certified certification backed by the American Paleo Association can give assurance and peace of mind to your consumers. Products with the Caveman Certified label will be distinguishable from the other products that claim to be Paleo-approved but may only be one person’s opinion or an untruthful claim. Consumers can trust the ingredients and nutrition in these products. If there is a label, Paleo consumers will try the product, point blank.