The American Paleo Association wishes to promote the Paleo lifestyle with the Caveman Certified label. We strive to join forces with consumers and businesses to provide certification that they can trust so that health and lifestyle goals can be met the Paleo way.

Our mission

At Caveman Certified, our mission is to inform people of the right choices to live a healthy Paleo lifestyle. Armed with the right information including labels on the products that they buy, consumers can be a part of the Paleo movement.

Our goal is to educate people about the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle through diet and exercise. One question that many have is “How do I distinguish between what is Paleo and what is not?” The American Paleo Association strives to inform people of the proper choices to make in order to live a healthy Paleo lifestyle.

The Paleo movement

It’s no secret that obesity, heart disease, and other conditions exist in this country at staggering levels. Caveman Certified believes that the current Paleo movement has the power to have a significant impact on the health of today’s generations as well as future generations. It also has the power to provide economic incentives for sustainable and small-scale farming.


    The Caveman Certified logo is trusted and reputable, and is an effective way to let consumers know that products are Paleo-approved.


    Product certification lets consumers know that the food they choose adheres to the strict standards of living a total and complete Paleo lifestyle.


    Once your ingredients are Caveman Certified, we can spread the word about its Paleo certification through our many influential social medial channels and press releases.